How Effective are Keyboard Shortcuts? (You should sit down for this.)

For every day I use keyboard shortcuts, I do three days of mouse-only work. I didn’t believe it either. But I’ve proved it through a (semi) scientific test.

THE HYPOTHESIS: I save one hour a day just by using keyboard shortcuts.

THE CONTROL: I had a fellow employee time how long it took to execute an editing action using a mouse. It averaged out to 2.9 seconds.*

THE EXPERIMENT: I used a keylogger to track all of the shortcuts I was using over two edits.

To reduce mouse clicks, I learned or created a few new shortcuts:

TOGGLE VIEWER: q (when inserting edits via F9/F10 shortcuts, I no longer have to click the viewer every time I want to make a new edit)









–We tracked how long it took to make an edit from a starting position of one hand on a mouse, and one hand on the keyboard. From this position, using a two button shortcut took twice as long as a one-button shortcut (1.0 seconds instead of .4 seconds). So I remapped several two-button shortcuts and made them one button:







LEVELS: 0 (on the num pad)

–Also we found that triple tapping a shortcut took almost twice as long as single tapping, so I remapped the infamous quadruple tap “All-Tracks-Forward” shortcut to a single “t”

–First evaluations of the logs revealed that most of my shortcut use is either on the “j/k/l” or “z/Z/cmd z” or “[up arrow] / [down arrow]” so I adjusted my shortcuts to be closer to those groupings so I could keep my hand in one place for longer.

THE RESULTS: I averaged 82 keyboard shortcuts per minute.

Therefore, I do 3 minutes and 20 seconds of “mouse-work” in 1 minute. And in one week, I do almost a month of mouse-work.

CONCLUSION: Efficiency goes up when using shortcuts. A lot.

Now a confession: In my 82 spm (shortcuts per minute) average, I didn’t include the times when I was rendering, reviewing, or quality checking. But those are things that either can’t (or shouldn’t) be rushed.

Something else bothered me when editing mouse-only: Editing wasn’t fun. The mouse is too imprecise, too awkward. It’s like playing piano with a pool cue. There’s just something about seeing a video come to life on screen by tapping away at a keyboard.

I’m now in the process of getting away from the mouse entirely. My goal is to be able to edit at a maximum of 120 actions per minute. I’ll let you know how that goes in a month!

Friday the 13th

Do you have any superstitions about this “unlucky” day? Here are some interesting facts about this day.

Nobody really knows where the bad luck syndrom that follows this day comes from, but through out history, unfortunate events have been noted to take place on this day. There are other reasonings of course, but many people like to believe that it is the symbolism of the day.

The number 13 suffers from its position after 12, according to numerologists who consider the latter to be a complete number — 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 labors of Hercules, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles of Jesus, 12 days of Christmas and 12 eggs in a dozen.


Here are some other historical facts about different series of events that ave taken place on this afflicted day.

On a side note; Jay’s band Bad Juju will be preforming tonight at the Carlyle Club in Alexandria from 8 p.m. to midnight. Make sure you go check out some awesome music, good food, and great people.

Facebook Timeline

This past weekend was the BPI holiday party. This was a fantastic event! Since I am new to the company it was a great way for me to meet some of the people we work with on a consistent basis. I enjoyed meeting everyone. When asked what I did for BPI, I proceeded to tell them I was in charge of the social media, I was faced with many questions about social media. How to use it, what sites are the most effective and how can they build their customer base by using social media. I tried to answer all of these questions to the best of my ability but noticed not many people knew about the new Facebook ‘Timeline’ feature. So, I wanted to make this weeks blog post about the new ‘Timeline’ and how it can be effective for branding but also post some links on basic functionality.

Facebook went public with their ‘Timeline’ feature last week. There are a lot of new features and settings you need to be aware of when working with the ‘Timeline.’ We want to help you get ready for this change.

Here is a tour that will walk you through the basic features.

Facebook has alway had an issue with its target audience and their privacy policies. Here is a site that covers some things you should keep in mind when viewing your ‘Timeline’, Privacy Tweaks. Facebook also wrote a blog post about all of the inline policy changes that are going to happen when you switch over to the ‘Timeline.’

The ‘Timeline’ will affect the way a company brands itself in a big way. This link is a little dated, but still contains valuable information. Facebook has not released the ‘Timeline’ feature to brands yet, and is instead focusing on individuals, but they do recognize eventually they will have to make the switch to help integrate the worlds together. Of all the people the ‘Timeline’ could benefit, it would be brands. Hopefully they will make the switch soon.

Not many people know of this feature, but non the less, it is an important feature. Facebook Insights allows you to see statistics about your page. This is great for businesses.

This guide allows you to track and understand four things:

  1. The overall performance of your page.
  2. Optimizes how you publish to your audience
  3. Learn more about your audience
  4. Focus on engaging your audience

The creation of the ‘Timline’ is for ultimate socialization, becoming more connected to the people around you more than ever. With this there are obvious pros, cons, and items that are up for debate. Let’s discuss some of those.


  • Graphic Headers- For businesses the header will be strong entrance into their page. Instead of a logo, this graphic can represent the most current version of the company or brand. (Be careful what you put here, as a business or individuals, even if your profile is set to private your graphic header will be viewable by all).
  • Branding- This new layout allows you to choose what you want posted. I know, I know, you chose what you want posted on there anyway as soon as you upload something; but, they have taken on a Google+ feel by allowing you to choose to whom you post content to. Google + allows you to post to certain ‘circles’, now Facebook is allowing you to post to certain groups of friends. This allows you to establish yourself in a different way. And on that note, once you have made the switch over to the ‘Timeline’, I highly recommend sitting down and going through all content on your Facebook site before it goes ‘live’.
  • “Feature”- This ability is great for the personal use of Facebook as well as the business use. For the business aspect, it can highlight a major event within the company such as hosting an event, winning an award, or articles published about the company. This feature allows the subject matter to appear more prominent on your page then other stories.
  • Automated Sharing Behavior -The best way to describe this, if unfamiliar, is with an example. Spotify, is an online music streaming service that can connect with your Facebook page. Once connected to your page it will post all the songs that you listen to. This has the potential to be harmful. Employers do their research before hiring any employee, and if there is content on your page that they feel may jeopardize their company or their companies views they will make their decision based on what they find.
  • Check-In Ability – Personally, I have never been a fan of this feature. But know many people who use this as part of their every day happenings. This feature allows your to check in places and post it to Facebook and it has the capability of ‘tagging’ people, so you can let the Facebook world know where you are and who with. The reason I am not a fan of this is for the sole reason of personal privacy. This has the potential to hurt young kids who are new to social media a do not know how to use it properly. The only advice I can give is to educate them properly, and make them aware of the dangers of posting personal information to a public site.

Up for Debate

  • User Friendly – Many people have a hard time keeping up with all of the different forms of social media already, so for a major change such as the Facebook ‘Timeline’ could potential hurt some corporations. Not every company has a person dedicated to strictly social media, if they don’t, they may not have the time to educate themselves on all the new features and therefore, there is a possibility their page falling in between the cracks of cyber space.

I hope this post helps educate you a little bit more on the new features that are appearing on Facebook. For the business aspect of Facebook, I hope the ‘Timeline’ feature is released soon, to better help with branding. Until then, we all will have to wait patiently and see what Facebook will think of next.


Newest Member of the BPI Family!

Megan is the newest member to the BPI family! She is a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, who gets lost even with a GPS telling her where to go, cannot function in the morning without at least one cup of coffee, and gave herself an allergy to pineapple from overindulging one time at a buffet.  She comes with a Public Relations background and is excited about offering her communications skills to BPI and learning about the production industry in return. Welcome, Megan!

A Tribute to Steve Jobs

A Tribute to Steve Jobs:  You will be missed...

A Tribute to Steve Jobs: You will be missed...

Art by Rob Kramer/Suzette Zimomra

A Tribute to Steve Jobs: You will be missed…

You were just doing what you loved
in your parents garage
When you built the very first Mac
with your good friend Steve Woz

I wonder if you knew then
that technology would never be the same
And that almost every industry’s tools
could be associated with your name

Throughout all your trials and tribulations
you never allowed your spirits to sway
And all the products of your amazing company
have touched the lives of individuals in some way

Your genius ranges from the Imac to the Iphone
and of course Pixar is the tops!
The entertainment, joy, and connection you bring
never ever stops

Your words of wisdom serenaded our ears and hearts
like the soft melodies of a flute
Your legacy will live on forever
because without you, Apple was just a fruit!

by Suzette Zimomra